(Lipreading Mom’s Note: One of my Facebook followers asked if there are other families out there in which a parent and child are both hard of hearing. A year ago, Libby Collins wrote to Lipreading Mom about the experience of she and her daughter both getting fitted for hearing aids. This article is an inspiring read…)

Lipreading Mom

Libby Collins is a mom with hearing loss. When she contacted Lipreading Mom, I found it interesting when she mentioned her young child also has hearing loss.

Here is Libby’s story…


A Mom and Child Get Hearing Aids

By Libby Collins

Early one morning in September, my daughter Olivia and I awoke to get ready for our 7:30am appointment to get Olivia’s first set of hearing aids. I was scheduled to get mine later in the day.

Last year, Olivia, a seven-year-old second grader, arrived home from school in tears with a letter in hand, after a school-wide hearing screening. I dreaded this letter and without opening it I knew that the letter was to inform me that my daughter has hearing loss.

I have struggled with hearing loss since my 20s. My father has hearing loss and his mother, my grandmother, was the hilarious character of every family joke…

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  1. I have a moderate to severe Sensory neuro hearing loss and my son has a mild to moderate sensory hearing loss, my daughter has an audio processing disorder. My mom also has the same hearing loss as my son

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