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America: Land of the Free and a Lipreading Mom

The lady ahead of me in the grocery store checkout line seemed puzzled. She pointed at something in front of us, then asked me a question. Her thick Spanish accent made the question difficult for my crazy ears to distinguish. “Es su hoho?” I thought she said. It’s only been 20 years since I took high school … Continue reading

Usher’s Syndrome, Hearing/Vision Loss, and Humor

By Amy Bovaird / Guest Blogger “I have Usher’s Syndrome?” There! I finally knew what I was up against. I’d suspected hearing loss for awhile now but wasn’t in the United States long enough to follow it up. I was too busy having adventures as a globetrotting English teacher. Or should I say “globe-tripping” … Continue reading

How Humor Can Heal Hearing Loss…Oh, Yes It Can

Okay, I use the term “heal” metaphorically. But for the past eight years of that rollercoaster ride known as hearing loss, I’ve found laughter to be the most effective remedy for coping with the inevitable. “So I’m going deaf,” I say with a slight chuckle to my family and friends. “What’s new with YOU?” For … Continue reading

Ponytail Exposes Hearing Aids to the World

Lipreading Mom has a love-hate relationship with wearing ponytails. I love them because they keep my hair out of my mouth when I’m eating. I love them because they keep my face, neck, and shoulders cool in the mid-July humidity. I hate ponytails because I have a square-shaped face that looks like a box without … Continue reading

Ouch! It Hurts to Lipread the Dentist

As I sat in the patient’s chair gripping the vinyl armrests, a mask-wearing dentist probed my mouth. Her findings nearly busted my jaw: Multiple chipped teeth, a recessed gum and six cavities. One cavity for each year I put off going for a check-up. I tensed even more as she injected anesthesia into my infected … Continue reading

How to Strike Up a ‘Deaf’ Conversation

It’s sad but true. I’ve observed friends, family and strangers with perfect hearing reluctant to talk to someone who is Deaf. I’ve seen this happen in restaurants, libraries, the post office and church. Something Lipreading Mom has committed to doing is to initiate an ASL* conversation with people I don’t know. These are people I … Continue reading

Meet My Hearing Helpers

Meet Emilie, Cody and Jill… my special helpers at church. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to teach my six-year-old daughter’s Sunday school class at church. Because my sensorineural hearing loss makes it difficult for me to understand a child’s delicate voices, someone must come alongside me to repeat or explain what the child has spoken. I call this … Continue reading