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Five Tips to Better Communication with Those Who Cannot Hear

By Heather Jensen / Guest Blogger One of the best ways someone can help a person in their life who is deaf or hard of hearing is to take measures to improve everyday communication. For some people who don’t speak much (or any) sign language, the fear of offending, confusing, or generally failing to … Continue reading


Learning to Hear Without Ear Canals

I met Janet at a presentation I gave this summer in Kansas City. The speaking topic was “How to Thrive with a Hearing Loss.” While I expected attendees to have a basic understanding of hearing loss and deafness, I wasn’t prepared to meet someone who had as many years of personal experience as Janet did. … Continue reading

The Ultimate Bullying Target: Deaf in Prison

David Greenberg was the film editor for the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Video. He also created one of the most compelling blogs Lipreading Mom has ever read—Deaf In Prison. It follows the stories of various inmates—deaf, culturally Deaf, or hard of hearing—serving time in American prisons. The link between bullying, crime, and imprisonment is at … Continue reading