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WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO: Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom – By Shanna Groves

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In Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, Shanna explores the roller coaster ride of her progressive hearing loss, which was diagnosed two months after the birth of her first child. She was 27. Three healthy kids later, her hearing loss has accelerated. Sounds she once took for granted – the doorbell, smoke alarms, baby cries – are now quiet. In the midst of imminent and unexplained deafness, she describes her struggle and her eventual discovery of God’s grace.

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Lip Reader features a colorful cast of characters—an unkempt uncle living in a school bus; a grandfather who preaches in a rundown church; a grandmother born deaf; an aunt fluent in sign language but lacking in social graces; and Sapphie, who finds courage and hope despite mother Rea’s unthinkable act of betrayal.

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38 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Hi Shanna. I’d like to order a copy of your book! Let me know if I can drop a check by!

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  4. Yes, Shanna! I am Teresa Sheridan now, formerly Teresa Maher. I have always wanted to order your book…If I can, let me know who to send the check out to, and your address? I appreciate it!

    My e-mail here at work is:
    I’ll give you my address later?
    I don’t look at FACEBOOK very often, so this e-mail works best for me.
    Thanks, so much…and tell Pat Howell Hello for me! :0)

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      • Hi Shanna – I’m about ready to donate a collection of postage stamps in mint condition from around the world to the library in your area which houses items related to deafness. We met at the HLAA convention in Tennessee yeas ago. May we further discuss the collection for which I am donating at no cost to be shown to library visitors? Thank you.

      • Okay, now how do I proceed with the donation? I have a few other questions to ask you also such as how many stamps will fit a safe place where the library will display them, etc. Is the library equipped to accept hearing loss stamps. To whose attention should I send the stamps and also what address?

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  14. I was born deaf, & have been lip-reading since I was 4. Am almost 40 with a 19 yr old CODA daughter. We communicate by lip-reading & some sign. I also work in our local public school district as a sign language interpreter & Special Ed. ParaEducator, which requires constant lip-reading all day long. My eyes are so tired by the end of the day that I sometimes need a nap to “recharge” my eyes. Lol Anyhoo, look forward to reading your books & congrats on tackling your loss with strength & gusto! :))

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