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Lipreading Mom Becomes a Teacher

It is official: This summer I earn my Masters in Early Childhood Special Education… and I have been hired as an early childhood special education teacher for a public school district for 2017-2018. A huge thank you to all my blog friends who have been so supportive as I went back to school. As a … Continue reading

Am I Hiding My Hearing Loss?

The first time I told a stranger I had hearing loss was in a Bible study 13 years ago. As a first-time attendee with a new set of behind-the-ear hearing aids, I mostly kept quiet and tried not to draw attention to myself. My hair was long, and I covered my ears (and hearing aids) … Continue reading

Take 40 Percent Off My Book’s Purchase Through December 13

Friends – To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, the publisher of my book, Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, is offering a 40 percent discount off the book’s purchase through December 13. At checkout, please enter the discount promo code CHRISTMASSAVE. Click here or copy and paste this URL into your browser: reading

I’m Still Here

For those of you who have supported this blog over the years and to those who have newly joined, I want to say thank you. Over the past year, Lipreading Mom has transitioned from a weekly blog to, um, an every-four-months blog. I can make lots of excuses for the delay in posts as of late, … Continue reading

Hello to More Lipreading Mom

Friends, Let me clarify my earlier post about the days of being an author and speaker coming to an end. While I won’t continue to hammer away at books or actively accept writing and speaking assignments, I will continue blogging. is not about being an author or speaker. It is a connection with other … Continue reading