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Five People, Five Stories About Show Me Your Ears

This past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of launching Show Me Your Ears. As part of the celebration, I asked readers to complete this sentence: “Show Me Your Ears is cool because _____________________________.” I am impressed with the sentences I received, and five stood out as being the coolest. Each of these five readers will … Continue reading


12 Days of a Show Me Your Ears Christmas!

For some of us, Christmas revolved around hearing aids, cochlear implants, and sign language. Hearing loss didn’t keep us from enjoying the gift of conversation with loved ones. We have learned to advocate for ourselves by showing off our hearing devices and letting our fingers do the talking. Lipreading Mom launched the Show Me Your … Continue reading

Wedding Party Shows Off Ears and Cochlear Implants

At the wedding of Todd and Abbie Hlavacek (couple at left), friends with cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics joined together in showing off their bionic ears. Todd received his implants in January 2010 and January 2012, Abbie in August 2007, Gregg Hlavacek (center), Jennifer Thorpe (second from right) in November 2007, and audiologist Tina Childress … Continue reading

Why I Chose a Hearing Dog

By Denise Portis of HearingElmo.com / LipreadingMom.com Guest Blogger Lipreading Mom’s Note: I met Denise through Facebook a few years ago. She has become a wonderful role model for me as a mom thriving with her hearing loss. I am thrilled to learn more about why she chose her hearing dog, Chloe. I didn’t mean … Continue reading