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Cerebral Palsy and Hearing Loss Don’t Stop Her

My name is Julie and I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) which has resulted in mild walking difficulties, and manual dexterity. I also have a speech and hearing impairment. I was recently fitted with Phonak’s latest hearing aid model, Quest/Q90 in September 2012. The first word that strikes my mind when I was turned … Continue reading

12 Days of a Show Me Your Ears Christmas!

For some of us, Christmas revolved around hearing aids, cochlear implants, and sign language. Hearing loss didn’t keep us from enjoying the gift of conversation with loved ones. We have learned to advocate for ourselves by showing off our hearing devices and letting our fingers do the talking. Lipreading Mom launched the Show Me Your … Continue reading

An Artistic Look at My Hearing Aids

It took me two years before I’d let this much of myself show. My bottle blonde hair and palette of cosmetics usually help me blend in with the other moms who drive their children to sporting events on a warm summer afternoon. I turn the wheel, hoping to avoid the stark reflection that stares back … Continue reading

Hearing Aids Are So Gosh, Darn Cool

Don’t you just love my “purty” cool headline and photo choice? (And don’t you just love Lipreading Mom’s penchant for Oklahoma twang?) I confess that I’m a sucker for happy endings. They bring out my inner Oklahoma Pollyanna. When I recently posted the hearing aid financial struggles of my friend “Abby” (not her real name … Continue reading

How Come I Can’t Hear My Baby?

Let’s go back in time to the winter of 2001 when I became Lipreading Mom… My days were spent holding a blissfully sleeping newborn boy. My nights were spent holding a wide-awake newborn boy since he developed this sleep-all-day, night-owl fascination. When my ears rang uncontrollably, I thought it was a side effect of sleep … Continue reading