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Captions Go Back in Time: A Look at Movie Captioning Past and Present with YourLocalCinema.com

Have you wondered why many of us—Lipreading Mom included—are so passionate about captioning and accessible entertainment? As someone with hearing loss, I know the benefit of having captions, assistive listening devices, and other accessible technology. It is the difference between understanding media and not. I asked Derek Brandon, editor of YourLocalCinema.com in the United Kingdom, … Continue reading

Captioning Goes to Court: An Interview with Attorney John Waldo

Lipreading Mom is a movie fan—when those movies are captioned. This is the beginning of my ongoing series about movie accessibility via captioning. Join me in the coming weeks as I interview captioning advocates from around the world, including the founders of Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), CaptionFish.com, and yourlocalcinema.com. Today’s interview is … Continue reading