My Email to ESPN Regarding Lack of Captions

Dear ESPN, ABC Sports, and,

As a sports fan with hearing loss, I am writing to express my concern about the lack of captions with your video streaming of live sports events. On several occasions, myself and friends with hearing loss have wanted to watch sport events on your Website, only to be unable to understand the play-by-play information due to lack of captions.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 34 million U.S. adults have hearing loss, it would be in ESPN and ABC Sports’ best interest to provide captioned streaming as a way to appeal to this large group of potential viewers. Imagine the level of support and good PR your network and site would receive if you launched captioned Internet broadcasts to appeal to this large portion of the U.S. population.

I welcome your thoughts and will be following up with you on behalf of the millions of Americans with hearing loss.

Shanna, a.k.a. Lipreading Mom Sports Fan


Lipreading Mom Readers, let your voice be heard by ESPN! Fill out a Complaint/Concern Form here.


5 thoughts on “My Email to ESPN Regarding Lack of Captions

  1. Every time I see my hearing friends talking about streaming and live video on internet, I was so impressive and delight, then I looked up, to my horror, there is none.. I was devastating and sadden.. I wanted to take my laptop, to watch it while grillin’. So, I pray, that you will offer it..

  2. Debbie, Dewey, and @EhWhatHuh – Please let me know what response you receive from ESPN once you send in your email. Let’s have our voices be heard regarding Internet broadcast captions!

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