Disney Contacted Through the Lipreading Mom Internet Captions Campaign

Thanks to the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)and volunteers for their time and efforts with Internet Captions Campaign. This initiative has involved intentional contact with various television networks regarding lack of Web video captions.

Networks Contacted Through the Campaign

– The700Club.com/Christian Broadcasting Network – Several letters have been sent, and one response has been received. Click on “Advocacy” at the right of this page to read the response.

– ABCNews.com/Disney.com – Several letters have been sent to ABC and Disney. Currently, we have only received an automated response from ABC stating “Due to the high volume of emails, we regret not answering all inquiries personally.” The letters to Disney were sent directly to two executives: the director of Internet media and the director of ABC programming. Waiting for Disney to respond.

– TheWeatherChannel.com – Volunteer Bill Holman is leading efforts to contact TWC. No response at present date.

– British Broadcasting Corp/BBC.com – Volunteer David Pearson is leading efforts to contact BBC. The response from BBC is posted to the right under “Advocacy.”

– ESPN.com – This was the first network contacted through our campaign. At present, no response has been received, other than an automated message.

Your Help Is Needed

Let Lipreading Mom know if you would like to participate in this campaign and also if you have network Web sites you wish to be contacted. Also, consider becoming a member of the CCAC captioning organization through the link above. It’s free and represents a growing group of volunteers passionate about making universal captions a reality.

You CAN make a difference for the hearing loss community!


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