Tell Netflix to Bring Back Captions

Lipreading Mom urges you to bombard Netflix today and this weekend with the message to bring back captions!

Recently, Netflix made the decision to reduce captioned programming with no explanation as to why. *This is unacceptable.*

Go to the official Netflix Contact Page, and let your voice be heard.

Let Netflix know:

1) People with hearing loss depend on captions to use Netflix services.

2) The FCC requires Internet captioning through the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010.

3) You are in support of captions for the 34 million U.S. adults with hearing loss who need them.

Visit the Lipreading Mom Internet Captions Campaign page for more details, as well as an official letter you can send to Netflix.


10 thoughts on “Tell Netflix to Bring Back Captions

  1. Shanna,
    I am a Netflix member and have sent them an email with an additional thought about their captioning. I suffer with auditory dyslexia. Words run together and though I can hear them, I can’t understand them so I often use captions to know what is being said. Kudos for all you do in this arena!

  2. Just sent them a message. Let’s hope enough people do so and Netflix provides captions! I was just thinking about getting a subscription…but not until they provide captioning.

    Lipreading Mom you’re the best!

  3. I twittered Netflix yesterday and said: “@Netflixhelps People have been renting films from u with the impression that the films r captioned. Most are not and Netflix is denying it”
    Netflix’s response was as follows: @ahearingloss All of the details are listed on the website. If a streaming title or DVD has captions, the info is provided.”

    Why type of response is this?

  4. I have responded too. I tried to be as positive as I could, mentioning the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 as proof that people needed the service, rather than railing at them for disobeying the law. Hopefully enough will write that they will hear us.
    I’ve many ‘hearing’ friends that depend more and more on captioning for accents or just as a way to catch a line being spoken too fast. It’s a good service for all, not just the deaf.

  5. Okay as of now, there are roughly 69 pages worth of ‘captioned’ titles according to their site ( and at least two of the movies that had the captions removed Weds has it back. I still can’t get L&O captions to work reliably, whereas they would before, but this is good news.
    Thanks for the link to complain, me and at least two others used it, and hopefully all the feedback Netflix got was listened to.

  6. I’ve learned from another source that Netflix had a glitch that caused the temporary problems with the subtitles. It apparently wasn’t Netflix’s intention to reduce access. So, by now you may see some improvement with the availability of subtitles, though it looks like there’s still a problem with how to communicate these problems to Netflix. (I do not use Netflix myself and don’t have direct access to them.)

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