Hearing Loss Survey – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

If you have hearing loss, please take a moment to answer my survey about your experiences while taking care of children. Your comments will help as I prepare for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) National Convention workshop “How to Understand Your Children When You Have Hearing Loss.” Feel free to share this survey with anyone you think would be interested.


Responses needed by April 1, 2012. Your participation is much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Hearing Loss Survey – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

  1. I had a sudden loss of hearing twelve years ago. The worse part is not being able to decipher what our grandchildren are saying.
    Several of our grandchildren are learning sign language which helps.

    • @CTurner – I am sorry to learn about your sudden hearing loss, but am thrilled that you are teaching your grandchildren sign language. What a gift you are passing along to them—another language and the gift of compassion for others.

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