A Captioned Cell Phone…Technology Rocks!

How many of you avoid using cell phones because of the challenges of hearing? Let me introduce you to my new friend, Sprint CapTel.

A couple of months ago, I was invited to film a commerical with Sprint to promote its latest product—the wireless captioned phone. Known as Sprint CapTel, this technology allows those of us with hearing loss to hear and see what the caller is saying. Rather than explain what it does, I’d like you to watch the commercial which, by the way, is captioned. Click here to watch it. Scroll down to the video and press “play.”

Doesn’t technology rock?


2 thoughts on “A Captioned Cell Phone…Technology Rocks!

  1. I use the CaptionCall which I personally like better. It captions that the phone is ringing which I would like to know when I make the call, which CapTel does not…when I experimented with both phones to figure out which one I wanted to use…and I like the bigger visual screen that shows the captions and the touch screen features that the CaptionCall phone offers as well that is similiar to an iPad…or tablet. This is only my personal opinion. I like the black phone that CaptionCall offers as well as it looks more modern and sleek and “techie”.

    • Thank you for the comment about CaptionCall. I have heard good things about that product as well. When I have a change to sample CaptionCall in person, I may write a followup post about it. I’m glad you are happy with it. Blessings!

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