New Book Coming from Lip Reading Mom

I am excited to announce that my second book, Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, will be published by CrossRiver Media. What an honor to share my personal hearing loss story with you!

How does a mom of three survive parenting while balancing the daily flunctuations in her hearing? Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom tells about the 11-year journey my family and I have traveled ever since an ear doctor uttered the words, “Shanna, you have progressive hearing loss.” Learn more about Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom.

Also, CrossRiver just published my short story, “God Speaks on Bumper Stickers.” Do you want to know how bad my driving skills really are? Take a look at my story (and my mini-van!) to find out.

Thank you for your support!
Shanna / Lipreading Mom


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