Introducing My New Ear Molds

Ever wonder what a hearing aid mold looks like in its beginning stages? Yesterday, I went to my audiologist to have the above impressions taken of my ears. The impressions will be shipped to a manufacturer to make ear molds for my new set of hearing aids. In a few weeks, I should have the completed ear molds, along with the hearing aids.

Watch my blog for future posts about the hearing aids, why I am getting new aids, and the amazing story behind them. I will post photos of the finished products here.


6 thoughts on “Introducing My New Ear Molds

    • Hi Barbara – The only thing uncomfortable was when the hardened impressions were (gently) pulled out of my ears. Other than that, the “goop” that the impressions are made of was somewhat cold. Thanks for reading my post and commenting!

  1. Love the earmold impressions because it feels good also need to remember molds last 1 yr or so depend on manufactors what kind of hearing aid?

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