Ten People Wanted for #StopHearingLossBullying Video

Join Lipreading Mom in #StopHearingLossBullying

Join Lipreading Mom in #StopHearingLossBullying

Be one of 10 people to be chosen for the #StopHearingLossBullying Campaign Video. Send in all of the following by April 1, 2013, to be considered:

1) Three photos that include each of the following:

– Your Face

– Your Side Profile (with your ear, hearing aid, and/or cochlear implant in profile)

– Your Hands (performing your favorite word in sign language)

2) Your words (in writing) to complete the following sentence:

“I support #StopHearingLossBullying because ________________________.”

Click Here to Email the following to Lipreading Mom by April 1, 2013. Include in the email subject line: #StopHearingLossBullying Video.

Your photos and words may be included in the Official #StopHearingLossBullying Video to be featured on the #StopHearingLossBullying Page, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (#StopHearingLossBullying).


7 thoughts on “Ten People Wanted for #StopHearingLossBullying Video

  1. such a wonderful idea let’s gget thiss rolling folks when word spreads education follows and when that happens the begining to the end of this problem can truly start!

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  3. Here, Shanna.

    I support #StopHearingLossBullying because… when one does a cruelty to another, he does an unseen cruelty to himself. When a 10 year old bullies another 10 year old, he may feel some sense of self-satisfaction, but 20 years later he will rue those feelings – and those actions.

    When we review our lives, in retrospect, it is those moments as children, when we acted with dishonor, ignobility and even cowardice, that we regret and agonize over, most deeply. And at that point, it’s too late to atone.

    No HA shots, ’cause I’m a Hearie and if you want you can use “Jack” for my pic.

    Much respect, and good luck with the project.


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