This Beautiful Bride Encourages You to Show Me Your Ears

Elizabeth shows off her new 'ear.'

Elizabeth shows off her new ‘ear.’

When you’ve worn hearing aids a long time, the acceptance level tends to be much higher. So what if people see my hearing aids when my hair is pulled back. Bring on those double-takes!

Blushing bride Elizabeth made a fashion statement when she walked the aisle with her hearing aids with bright yellow molds in full view. And her latest hearing devices are even more colorful.

“I just got my new purple Phonak Boleros,” she says. “I think they’re beautiful.”

Lipreading Mom agrees.

Elizabeth has had hearing loss since high school, but she waited until college to get her hearing aids. “I hate beige and want color in my hearing aids,” she says. “They’re more fun that way!”

The busy mom of a two-and-half-year-old reminisces about her hearing aid choice from her wedding five years ago.

Elizabeth got married, Show Me Your Ears style!

Elizabeth got married, Show Me Your Ears style!

“The yellow earmolds matched the daffodils in my bouquet,” Elizabeth says.

And, just for fun, Elizabeth poses her new electronic ‘ears’ in the famous love symbol: a heart.

My, what lovely hearing aids Elizabeth the bride has...

My, what lovely hearing aids Elizabeth the bride has…

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4 thoughts on “This Beautiful Bride Encourages You to Show Me Your Ears

  1. I laud Elizabeth for showing off her hearing aids! However, the skeleton style earmold isn’t really appropriate: Instead, she should be using the shell style, as it doesn’t have the flesh peeking out.

    Also, I question the use of acrylic, as since she is young she most likely has firm skin texture & instead should be using soft silicone earmolds, as hard earmolds are used for elderly people who have flabby texture.

    Dan Schwartz,
    Editor, The Hearing Blog
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