When You Hear for the First Time, Who Do You Tell?

I like my ears. Don't you? Show Me Your Ears

I like my ears. Don’t you? Show Me Your Ears

When I got my first hearing aids in 2003, I was anxious. What would the world sound like amplified? Would I enjoy the noise? It wasn’t until nearly 10 years later after receiving my third pair of hearing aids that I was actually excited about my new ear technology. Not able to afford hearing aids this time, I had been contacted by ReSound to see if I’d like to sample their new hearing aids, the Versos. I said sure.

Who did I tell when I could hear the sounds of birds or wind chimes for the first time in years? My three kids. “Your mom can hear that!” I’d announce, a huge smile on my face. “Isn’t that so cool?”

As Lipreading Mom, I wonder how many other folks have had cool hearing stories like mine.

I asked Mary Rapaport with ReSound, which has launched the Moments Maker campaign for these “hearing moments,” why it is important to share what we hear.

Lipreading Mom: When and why did the Moments Movement begin? Who inspired this movement?

Mary Rapaport: The idea for the movement was inspired by the launch of Verso – our latest product – and the stories we started collecting from our hearing healthcare providers about how they were using the product to help patients. We are proud of our technology and how it can help create these moments, but we started to notice that as our customers told stories about moments they had been able to make happen for their patients, they really just lit up. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious. And inspiring. We got really excited about being a part of making those moments happen and wanted to hear (and share) many more of them. It’s the impact that these professionals have on the lives of patients that reminds us all why we are in this business.

If someone wasn’t a ReSound customer, how can he/she participate in and support the Moments Movement?

You don’t have to be a ReSound customer to participate. We know that there are so many professionals across the country that have terrific stories – they can participate by visiting our website www.gnresound.com/moments and submitting their moments online.

How would you answer this question—“I would like to participate in the Moments Movement, but I can’t afford hearing aids. How can ReSound help me?”

The Moments Movement is to celebrate the joy that hearing healthcare professionals provide to their patients by providing them with hearing instruments. It also allows patients to share the wonderful experience with hearing instruments or with the hearing professional they work with. We want to make people aware of the importance of addressing hearing loss.


Readers—Who Did You Tell When You First Could Hear?

If you have a special hearing ‘a-ha’ moment, I would love for you to share it below.


7 thoughts on “When You Hear for the First Time, Who Do You Tell?

  1. My Mum and a friend who was my boyfriend at the time when I first had these current hearing aids I wore. I could not help myself but tell. I was so excited.

  2. When I got my first pair of hearing aids at age 8, (I’m now 21) after I got fitted with them, my Mom and I were on our way home, and I was clapping my hands. My mom said “What are you doing?” I said, “I can hear myself clap!!” As we got home and got out of the car, I stopped. My mom was like “What are you doing??” I said “I can hear the wind!!” In July 2010, when I was 18, I upgraded to a pair of Oticon Dual Connects. When I came back from getting fitted with those, my late grandpa, who was also hard of hearing, had the TV blaring!! I had to turn my hearing aids off because I was still getting used to them and it was WAY too loud!! My grandpa and I laughed together as I got used to my new hearing aids.

  3. Such a sweet idea, I love it! I also wanted to just check in and say hi and see if you got the email I sent over with the interview? I know it’s long and there’s no rush to finish, just wanted to see if you got it. 🙂

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