Watch the World Premiere of the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Video

It is Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Awareness Week. Help me promote the worldwide premiere of the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Campaign Video. Watch it now by clicking here.

What is the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Campaign and Video?

This spring, a group of 12 people, including Lipreading Mom, got together to brainstorm how to stop the troubling phenomenon of bullying among people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Each person answered the question: Why do I support Stop Hearing Loss Bullying? Then the participants submitted photos of themselves to Lipreading Mom. The photos included their faces, hearing aid or cochlear implant side profiles, and hands using sign language. Here are some stills from the video…

Melissa Wittenborn

Melissa Wittenborn

Jessica Vercelli

Jessica Vercelli

Chazz Griffith

Chazz Griffith

Tracy Downs

Tracy Downs

How You Can Help

1) Spread the word to all your contacts about the Official Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Page.

2) Watch and share the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Video.

3) On Facebook, “like” and share the #Stophearinglossbullying page.

4) On Twitter, tweet the following message: “I support #StopHearingLossBullying. Join me at!”

A Special Thanks to the Video Campaign Team

The Stop Hearing Loss Bullying video would not have been possible without Film Editor, David Greenberg, along with these film participants:

Stephanie Blystra
Tara Chevrestt
Tracy Downs
Chazz Griffith
Shanna Groves
Dave McAuliffe
Mary Smith
Senthil Srinivasan
Jessica Vercelli
Melissa Wittenborn

Readers—Let Me Know What You Think About the Video

Please watch and share your comments below. Lipreading Mom thanks you for supporting the campaign…Because hearing loss bullying ends with YOU and ME!


16 thoughts on “Watch the World Premiere of the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Video

  1. Love the video! My mom was born deaf and has never been accepted by her family because of it. At 60 years old they are still trying to convince her she should just get a cochlear implant, when really they are looking for an easier way for themselves…not looking for a way to help her. It is bullying. Thank you for putting this out there. People need to see it.

    • Lori – You have inspired me by sharing your mom’s story. Please extend my warmest wishes and blessings to her. Because hearing loss bullying ENDS with ME, YOU, and HER!

  2. I think this was done wonderfully and will defiantly work for it’s intended purpose! Your work is awesome and inspiring!

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  4. Love this. I don’t think I’ve ever purposefully bullied someone with hearing loss, but there was a girl I grew up with who I avoided because she was deaf. One year, she invited me to her birthday party. I grudgingly went, and was surprised at how fun she was to be around. I made a new friend that day, and I’ve never forgotten her. I don’t ever avoid people with disabilities any more – thanks Kate! And thank you, Shanna, for helping more people do the same. Sharing your fb page on both my blog and personal page right now!

  5. I’m being bullied in deaf centres in Birmingham because

    I lost my hearing wasn’t born deaf and I can speak but I can’t

    Hear anything so I learned to lip read. Deaf people make

    My life a misery but I’m deaf

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