My Life with a Hard of Hearing Mom – Written by Lipreading Mom’s Daughter, Age 9

Life with a hard of hearing mom is not as funny as it looks. I have to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. She is also a writing mom. My mom has to lip read me, and she can not really talk to me on the highway.

I feel sad to see my neighbors’ moms can hear 100 percent and mine can only hear 71 percent. image

She is always doing stuff on the computer—she tells about her life and lip reading three kids at one time. I can learn big lessons with my mom who has hearing aids.

I hope if you ever have a story like mine that you will never make fun of a deaf or hard of hearing kid, teenager, or adult.



Readers—Were you a child of a parent with hearing loss? What was your experience like?


10 thoughts on “My Life with a Hard of Hearing Mom – Written by Lipreading Mom’s Daughter, Age 9

  1. So good for her to share her experience and at such a young age. I love seeing photos of you and your kids. In spite of the difficulties, you all work hard to keep a close, loving relationship. This touches my heart.

  2. Typically…kids with deaf parent(s) grow up to be humble and respectful. Your daughter sounds like my son, who is also 9 years old. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. go little one! your mother has taught you well and you will make a great voice in deaf and hard of hearing issues in the future!


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