Join Me for Show Me Your Ears’ First Birthday Contest

imageI’d like you to join me for a celebration, complete with a contest and prizes.

This Saturday, September 14, marks the one-year anniversary of my favorite project in the world, Show Me Your Ears.

What is this campaign? It is an awareness that ears—whether they can hear or not—are beautiful. I spent two years hiding my hearing aids behind long hair. Finally, I said ENOUGH! You can now often see me with a ponytail with my royal blue hearing aids in public view. image

I’m proud to show off my ears. If you are, too, join me by sending your ear photo today. Learn more on the Show Me Your Ears page.

Enter the Show Me Your Ears Contest to Win Cool Stuff!

I will be giving away e-book copies of my books Lip Reader and Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom to *five people* who do the following:

1) Complete this sentence: “Show Me Your Ears is cool because__________________________.”

2) Post the sentence from #1 in the Comments below, along with your name and email address.

3) Share this blog post on Facebook and/or Twitter using the ‘Share’ buttons below.



12 thoughts on “Join Me for Show Me Your Ears’ First Birthday Contest

  1. “Show Me Your Ears is cool because it shows my 4 year old son that he is not alone and there are other cool people that have hearing loss.”

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  3. As a kid I was totally embarrassed over my hearing loss because of the way I was treated. I actually learned how to wiggle my ears so I could adjust my hearing aids in class without having to use my hands so the kids sitting behind me wouldn’t see me and see my hearing aids- Or worse hear the feedback! Now as an adult I could care less who sees them and now I use my ear wiggling skill to entertain my kids. 🙂

  4. Show Me Your Ears is cool because- it brings attention to hearing loss and helps us to understand its different facets.

  5. Show me your ears is cool because…it is a display of human willingness to overcome the inner struggle of fear which is based on nothing more than a self percieved view of what is supposed to be regarded as normal.

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