Show Me Your Ears Turns Two: Enter to Win My Books!


In honor of Show Me Your Ears celebrating its second anniversary this month, Lipreading Mom wants to reward you for supporting this hearing loss awareness campaign.

From now until September 19, here is how you can win one of my e-books:

1) Post your ear photo on Twitter (use hashtag #ShowMeYourEars).


2) Comment below on why you support Show Me Your Ears.

If you do either, you will be eligible to receive one e-book copy of your choice: Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom or Lip Reader.

Thank you for supporting Show Me Your Ears!


8 thoughts on “Show Me Your Ears Turns Two: Enter to Win My Books!

  1. I support show me your ears because wearing hearing aids is nothing to be ashamed of. It is no different than someone wearing glasses or braces on your teeth. This is a stigma that has to be changed. Yes I was trapped in that stigma but today I will show someone my hearing aids if someone asks.

  2. I support show me your ears because I think wearing my “ears”…my cochlear implants…is amazing! I want everyone to know! I want to show them off! I want people to know I have a special way to hear, LOOK, I have technology that helps me hear, but I still need you to look at me when you talk. But LOOK, aren’t they cool? If I didn’t have these funky things hooked to my ears and my head I couldn’t hear anything! LOOK! SEE! Now look at me and talk so I can really hear you with my techy ears and with my eyes. Together they work really good together, great for this late deafened lady!

  3. I support ShowMeYourEars as a normal hearing CP wheelchair user because hiding a handicap is never constructive.
    It should give situations in those the best hearing aids doesn’t help.Then the people around you must know you are hearing impaired or you must be self-conscious abruptly to say it. Why at this moment the first time?
    It’s the greatest nonsense to me that HA manufacturers advertise such a phrase like “invisible” instead of changing social attitudes like in many other spheres.

    • @Andreashh – Thank you for supporting Show Me Your Ears and for the excellent point of erasing the “invisible” hearing aid message. Please let me know the best way to get your e-book to you!

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