Lipreading Mom Is Going Back to School!

Friends – Many of you have supported the Lipreading Mom blog since the beginning in 2011. Some of you have more recently come along for the ride. For all of you, I am grateful. Therefore, I wanted you to be the first to learn that I will be returning back to school very soon. I will be both in front of and behind the teacher’s desk beginning this winter. I begin work as a paraprofessional at a school and will begin studies for a Masters program in early childhood education.

Both learning and teaching are my passions, besides writing and hanging out with my family. As I transition from being a mostly stay-at-home mom for the past decade into a working mom attending school, I ask for your patience. Due to the hectic nature of returning to school, I may be more lax in posting stories here at But I plan to keep the site active and hope to post from time-to-time with educational and heartwarming stories about hearing loss and my life as a mom.

Thank you for being the most loyal and supportive blog readers on the planet. I appreciate you more than typed words can say. Blessings to you.


28 thoughts on “Lipreading Mom Is Going Back to School!

      • Hi there, I appreciate that you are getting back to school :). What kind of assisted technology you will be using during class apart from Hearing aids, I’m just curious as we are at same pool. I diagnosed hearing loss at age 25, past 8 years, just struggling to hear better with my HA. People assume that, I’m careless but in reality I do not hear them when they speak soft. I found your blog and I’m feeling happy.

      • Hi Arwen – Thanks for stopping by! I am still looking into accessibility options. The college has a department that will assist me with making the right accommodations when the time comes.

  1. Very proud to hear about this. I became a para, then a few years ago started a alternative teaching program. Last year I finished it and became a special education teacher. This year I am also starting a Master’s in Special Education. I am proud anytime someone with significant hearing loss tells the world to kiss it and pursue greatness. Kids with hearing impairment and kids without need to see those who have challenges succeed in school and in a career. I set the bar high for my kids. I am very happy to see you take this step. Good luck and keep us informed. I am starting my 2nd year of teaching and I’ve been in education almost 5 years.

  2. You are to be commended in all your endeavors! Don’t you also believe in sign language inclusion in the hearing children’s elementary grades would be an asset for the deaf and hearing impaired; and the hearing for communication —- on a one on one; so that no one is excluded? Thank you for all that you do. Margie

  3. This note is a bit late, but best of luck with your new adventure! My wonderful wife was home doing the most importnat job in the family (looking after our kids) for many years. At 40 she wnet back to school to complete Masters in Education, and has now been teaching for 7 years.
    Also, thanks for our blog. I just turned 50 and my hearing is dropping very quickly. Even though I work for a very supportive company, and the team I manage is very supportive, it has been a very challening emotional burden. I have found your blog and others very encouraging. I have read every post several times, repeating to myself ‘there is life after hearing loss’ 🙂 I am working hard to move from being a ‘victim’ to taking on the challenge.

    • Hi Scott – Thank you for your gracious comments. That is awesome to learn about your wife’s teaching adventure. And your attitude about hearing loss is good. There IS life after a hearing loss diagnosis, and I hope you find the necessary tools to adapt to your new way of hearing. Blessings to your family.

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