A Book Project Nine Years in the Making

imageConfessions Book Cover
It has been five years since I stopped writing books.
Recently I met with two friends, one an author/editor and one an author/book agent. When they asked why I stopped, the answer wasn’t clear. Was it burnout? Work and family stuff competing for time? Lack of interest?
After one of these friends prayed, I felt like it was something much bigger. Fear.
Fear of the writing not being good enough, fear of not finishing the story, fear of not writing publication-worthy material.
Today, I finished writing page 88 of the sequel to my first book, Lip Reader. The manuscript is slowly coming back to life, nine years after the first page was written. More details to come (I hope…).
Writing is all about courage. Courage to keep writing a book that may or may not achieve publication. Courage to keep at it, typing a sentence yesterday, a page today, maybe a paragraph tomorrow.
Thank you, friends, for the helpful nudge.

12 thoughts on “A Book Project Nine Years in the Making

  1. As an adult with severe hearing loss, I’m very interested in reading Lipreader, but it’s not available on Kindle or there’s no purchase button? I was only able to download a sample.
    Shanna, I never followed up with you but the poem of yours I read a few months ago at a poetry reading at the Schenectady library was a big hit! Thank you for giving me permission to read it.

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