July Is Disability Pride Month

As a Lipreading Mom, I celebrate Disability Pride Month to raise awareness about the many visible and invisible disabilities, such as deafness and hearing loss. I also celebrate to build awareness about the importance of making our communities and workplaces accessible and inclusive for all.

The Disability Pride Month flag colors represent various aspects of the disability experience.

The Black Field: Represents mourning and rage for those who have been victims of ableist culture, as well as protest and rebellion

The Five Colors: The variety of disability needs and experiences (invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, neurodivergence, physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, sensory disabilities)

The Parallel Stripes: Solidarity in the Disability community and all its differences

The Diagonal Band: Represents “cutting across” barriers that separate disabled people, as well as light and creativity cutting through darkness

The flag was designed by Ann Magill, a disabled woman.

Note: When sharing about Disability Pride Month, please remember that there are two versions of the flag. The orginal version of the flag had a lightning bolt design, and the new version (pictured below) has diagonal lines that include the flag’s colors. The lightning bolt design is considered harmful to people with photosensitivities and, therefore, the new diagonal version should be used.

Disability Pride Flag Designed by Ann Magill


Join me in celebrating #DisabilityPrideMonth by sharing your stories about disability in the comments.


Disability Pride Month — Qi Creative Inc.

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Disability Pride Month – A Time to Celebrate and Advocate

(Image description: A charcoal grey flag with a diagonal band from the top left to bottom right corner, made up of five parallel stripes in red, gold, pale grey, blue, and green)


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