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New Book Giveaway: Forever Friends

Allison Schley,MEd, is the author of Forever Friends, a book about a young boy, his dog, and their friend Megan. The interesting part of Allison’s story is that both the boy, Matt, and his pet friend, Dexter are deaf. I asked Allison to explain the backstory behind Forever Friends. What inspired you to write this … Continue reading

Identity – A Poem about Deafness by Martyn Brown

For far too long I took the coward’s way The sheep that never strayed From the safety of sameness Anonymous Comforted by shadows Evading detection Making my presence unheard Stubbornly proud To suffer in silence No voice to call my own Confidence ebbing away Buried the truth Less chance of rejection An air of mystery … Continue reading

Why I Chose a Hearing Dog

By Denise Portis of / Guest Blogger Lipreading Mom’s Note: I met Denise through Facebook a few years ago. She has become a wonderful role model for me as a mom thriving with her hearing loss. I am thrilled to learn more about why she chose her hearing dog, Chloe. I didn’t mean … Continue reading