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What I Learned from a (Deaf) Baseball Player

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the excellent documentary ‘I See the Crowd Roar.’ It is about one of the greatest American baseball players in history—William Hoy. He was also one of the first players who was deaf. Hoy went by the nickname ‘Dummy.’ I shudder when I write that name because in 2012 it … Continue reading

Why Going Deaf Was a Blessing for Me

By Karen Putz / Lipreading Mom Guest Blogger I was born with hearing in the so-called “normal” range.  I started losing my hearing in elementary school and received my first hearing aid when I was nine.  I hated the thing.  No one ever saw it, because I kept it hidden under my long hair, or stuffed … Continue reading

Help! I Can’t Understand this Guy’s Mumbling

My new column, “Can You Help?”, allows followers to share and answer questions with each other. This week’s question comes from a friend who can’t understand what the heck her daughter’s boyfriend is saying. Can you help? Dear Lipreading Mom, My daughter is dating a guy that has some type of social anxiety disorder. … Continue reading

Can a Baby Learn Sign Language?

When my daughter was eight months old, we took a baby sign language class. Most of the kids there were several months older, but I was insistent that my pint-size girl learn the language early. There’s nothing quite like being a mom who can’t hear her own child clearly. When she cooed and babbled, I … Continue reading