Win a Free Book: Turn a Deaf Ear


What happens when a woman falls in love with a man who is deaf? They find a way to communicate… through sign language.

In Janet Fiore Horger and Linda Fiore Sanders’ novel, Turn a Deaf Ear, a hearing woman and a deaf man capture each other’s love and language. Inspired by a true story, the book begins in the 1960s when Linda relocates from the East Coast to California with her Italian family. The novel highlights Linda’s relationship with her brother’s co-worker who doesn’t speak like anyone she has ever met. He ‘speaks’ with his hands. She is fascinated with the man’s language and learns as much American Sign Language as she can to get to know him better.

Win a Copy of The Book
I am giving away one free copy of Turn a Deaf Ear to a lucky U.S. reader. Here’s how the giveway works:

– Post a comment below with your name, state, and an answer to this sentence: “My favorite word in sign language is….”

– The contest ends at midnight (CST) Sunday, December 9, 2012.

– A winner will be drawn from the list of comments and will be announced on this blog Monday, December 10.

What are you waiting for? Let me know what your favorite sign is!


17 thoughts on “Win a Free Book: Turn a Deaf Ear

  1. Hmmm Richard stole my first thought. But really I think “more” is one of my favorites.. why? Because when I was teaching my son baby-signs, most of the words were the obvious nouns – point to table, sign “table”. point to water, sign “water”. Point to my breast and sign “milk” and that was nursing. Point to cat, sign “cat”. The usual thing where you point and identify – pretty common baby stuff. But More was the first action verb that he “got it” – after he ate his food, he’d sign “more” and he’d eat it. Of course, along with that was “yes” and “no” but I think “more” was the one I saw him use the most. And so it was just really cool how quickly he understood those words too, and wanted “more”!!

  2. My favorite words in motion in sign language would have to be “family” and then the other way around “important”. These words would be the first that made an impression on me when I was learning ASL a few short years ago! Thanks!

  3. ear, you can lend your ear if you are deaf by reading people’s letters and experiences. i am very much interested in your book

  4. It’s hard to choose just one..I use “really” a lot (usually due to my husband’s off-colored corny jokes 🙂 But if I had to narrow it down, I would say that “dream” is my favorite.
    Good luck to everyone!

  5. I don’t use sign language, but took one class before I found out I was a candidate for Cochlear Implants. My favorite sign language word is God.

  6. Nancy Huffman December 9, 2012.
    I do not use sign language, but need to learn this beautiful language due to profound hearing loss during these later years in life. Mine would definitely be ‘hug’ because hugs always make me feel stronger in spirit and loved.

  7. I’m in Oklahoma. I’m learning ASL along with my 1st grade son, via his virtual school. My favorite sign is I Love You! His is friend. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  8. And the winner of the book giveaway, who was randomly drawn by my daughter, is…….. KATHY PATRICK. Kathy has won a copy of ‘Turn a Deaf Ear’ to enjoy for the holidays. Congratulations, Kathy! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

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