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Making Space for Grief at the Holiday Table

Making Space for Grief at the Holiday Table

Please check on your friends. They may need your support as they navigate planning for holidays with one less loved one at their celebrations. Four years ago at Christmas, I lost my beloved dad. Every December, it was tradition for us all to gather in my home, where my three children sat on the sofa … Continue reading

My Night of Heartbreak … and Hope

It had been a restless sleep. The hours after attending the funeral for my beloved younger sister were filled with tears and anxious thoughts. I kept thinking how I wished I had hugged her more and told her how much she meant to me. I pleaded for God’s help. That night, my two-year-old daughter slept … Continue reading

My Story of Tragedy … And Hope

It’s easy to go through the day feeling like nothing special or out of the ordinary can happen. As a Lipreading Mom with progressive hearing loss for almost 12 years, I often have my moments of feeling unsure about the future. But when I’m tempted to wallow in self-pity, I think about the surprise that … Continue reading