One Thing I Wish I’d Learned Before Becoming Deaf

Would life be better if I could hear better?

Would I notice the subtle differences in people’s voices, or the tones used in their speech? Or be able to hear the door bell ring or the microwave beep, or the wall clock tick? Or distinguish instantly who is calling me by listening to voice, not merely glancing at caller I.D.?

Would all the sounds I am no longer able to hear suddenly become recognizable? The sound of my five-year-old son giggling in his room when I am downstairs. The guitar music my husband strums behind closed bedroom doors while I’m standing in the laundry room with a dryer rumbling.

Would I hear the soft voice that doesn’t come from anywhere but the heart? God’s whispering throughout the day of promises…that He would never leave me, that He has a plan for me beyond what I can hear.

Would I listen to God, or pay attention to all the other noises coming through my ears? Let the shouts from family, television, and radio take priority over holy whispers?

Maybe, just maybe God allowed my progressive hearing loss so I could hear those whispers better.

What has your hearing loss taught you?

“I will lead (them) by a road they do not know, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground … I will not forsake them.” (Isaiah 42:16)


27 thoughts on “One Thing I Wish I’d Learned Before Becoming Deaf

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  2. This is such a beautiful post! God does things, sometimes things that hurt and are inexplicable, but they still end up being for our good (Romans 8:28).
    The auditory cacophany swirls around all of us, and God helps to prune away that which distracts, and keeps us focused to move towards the goal. You hit the nail on the head, and reminded me of something so precious: loss can be gain (in the long run)!
    May you keep your eyes on Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and things of the world grow more strangely dim in the light of His mercy and grace!

  3. good job Shanna! I think it is a good lesson that anyone should take time to “hear”.Sometimes just writing things like this will make even hearing people try to hear the holy whispers we each have given to us

  4. My immediate response was YES, my life would be better if I could hear again! Then I was shocked that I would respond so quickly…. I always have said that God’s provision is perfect. But if I so forcefully answer that my life is not good enough, am I not questioning God’s goodness and His perfect provision for me?

    I have often thought perhaps I was to be listening to His still small voice now that I can’t hear peoples’ voices. But so far have not recognized it, or seen any burning bushes or noticed any angels to wrestle.

    Perhaps He speaks through other people’s blogs, eh?

  5. Thank you for your sharing this article. God has been humbling and pruning me forever. God allows us to be hard of hearing or deaf at times. This might be His way of saying, “I’m your Father, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. ” And He does! Even if it looks like we’re different to other folks. Other folks are seeing His Light shining through our weaknesses and our strength of leaning on Him. People will see our Lighthouse eventually. Then they will seek that Morning Star.

  6. I am so glad I found your blog today:) I have been searching for another “lip reading” mom. It was my New Years resolution to research my hearing loss/damage/just plain cant hear diddly:) I have a 19 yr old son as well as a 11 yr old son, and have TOTALLY decided I have to start (late as it is:( ! ) learning how my profound hearing loss effects them and myself. In an attempt to navigate options (hearing aids not being one of those) further job advancements. visits to ENT to obtain referral for cochlear implant consultation, searching out new advanced tech. for phones, fire alarms, etc…. So happy I came back and checked my word press account:) And here you were! Loved reading Sarah Rappe comment to you! I to 150% believe we are not to worry, God’s got this:)

  7. I must confess, I am not a religious person. But I also know not to disengage myself from the possibility of a higher power. What that is, I don’t know. In my 5th year on the Meniere’s disease roller coaster, that has left me totally deaf without my Cochlear of 1 year, I have yet to come to terms with the challenges I have faced and will be facing that have turned my life upside down. I share this because I am finally reaching for what will cure my heart, not my infliction.

    Thank you for giving me hope that I will find my way.

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