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Don’t Ever Read Lips While Driving…Trust Me!

Driving and I don’t always get along. I admit that I should pay better attention to my motoring skills. From the scrape on the passenger door of my mini-van to the cracked bumper, I have participated in enough fender-benders to keep my insurance agent in business. Would it be okay to blame the inattentive driving … Continue reading

The Little Girl Who Couldn’t Hear God

A little girl once sat in her bedroom and prayed to God. “What do you want me to be when I grow up?” she asked. God was quiet. Confused, the little girl thought that maybe she hadn’t heard God because she hadn’t prayed hard enough. So she prayed again. Still, the receiving end of her … Continue reading

Lipreading Mom’s Goodnight Prayer

Goodnight I love you, too Forever No matter what we do. The Goodnight Prayer was my idea. But it was my little sister who decided we should add to it all the names of guys from Tiger Beat magazine we were in love with at the time. I love Corey Haim Tom Cruise Brad Pitt … Continue reading