Don’t Ever Read Lips While Driving…Trust Me!


Driving and I don’t always get along. I admit that I should pay better attention to my motoring skills. From the scrape on the passenger door of my mini-van to the cracked bumper, I have participated in enough fender-benders to keep my insurance agent in business.

Would it be okay to blame the inattentive driving on my three kids? Not every mom has to lip read her children in the rearview mirror to understand what they are saying. But I do because I’m hard of hearing. When it comes to sitting behind the wheel, my eyes are my ears.

During some mini-van excursions, my eyes focus on the cars ahead of me instead of the kids sitting behind me. Like magnets, bumper stickers catch my attention:




The last bumper message is something I should have been doing all along, instead of memorizing all the car stickers or talking to my kids through a mirror. Maybe if I prayed (with my eyes open, of course), I wouldn’t have backed the car up and side-swiped the passenger door against my mailbox. Or I would have stopped instead of rear-ending a dumpster. Maybe my van would still be in its pristine, straight-off-the-car-lot quality, instead of reeling with wounds.

But that visual reminder to pray did cause me to think about how attentive I am to God. When my life seems more at peace, it is because I keep my eyes on the path before me. When my eyes sway off the path, I am left feeling anxious. If my driving skills are a metaphor for my life, then I am in big trouble!

The next time I am tempted to take my eyes off the road, I need to remember that simple, yet powerful, statement once spotted on the back of another beat-up car. When I pray, my attention focuses on the One who keeps me (and my kids) safe behind the wheel and in this life.

Here is a new bumper sticker I’d love to create:


How to Stay Focused Behind the Wheel

Readers—What reminds you to keep your eyes on the road, both literally and metaphorically on the road of life? Please share your thoughts below. I would love to read them.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Read Lips While Driving…Trust Me!

  1. Hi Shanna, I have to say that I love that bumper sticker. That is a great idea.

    I am also hard of hearing and need to read lips and use my eyes to see emergency vehicles while I am driving because I can’t hear the sirens.
    I love your blog. It is good to know that I am not alone.

    • Sandy – I can relate with you about roadway sirens. How many times have I failed to yield to a police truck, ambulance or fire truck because I didn’t hear it in the distance? Maybe we can create this bumper sticker for our cars: I CAN’T HEAR YOUR SIREN!

  2. It is scary to try and read lips and drive. When my grandchildren were smaller, I ended up getting a Pocketalker to help me. They are great! They look like small walkie talkies with a microphone and a cord that fits into your ear. You can hand it to the passenger and they can talk into it. It works so great. They also come with a 12 foot cord so that your children in the back can talk on it as well. My hearing was severe/profound level and I could hear them. It is much smarter than having an accident, especially with children in the car.

    • Vernice – That is an excellent suggestion. I own something similar to a PocketTalker and have used it successfully. However, it would be helpful if I remember to charge its battery before getting in the car. đŸ™‚

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