How Do I Lip Read a Preschooler?

In two weeks, my kids will start school again. This is the time of year many stay at home moms unashamedly live for: moments to themselves. Time to pursue a hobby or endulge in massages and Starbucks. Should I get a Mom of the Year Award because I fall into the category of I Don’t Know What I’m Going to Do With Myself When the Kids Are Away?

Has my identify gotten so wrapped up in parenting my three beautiful children that I can’t see the light of the school day without them?

Actually, two of my kids will go back to school. The youngest, a mere three years old, will be here to entertain me from the second the school bell rings at 8:20 in the morning until 3:40 in the afternoon when big brother and sis come home.

I relish one-on-one time with all of my kids, and my littlest guy is no exception. But this Lipreading Mom has a heck of a time understanding the chatter and babbling that come out of his mouth. How do I lip read Little Guy who doesn’t know how to enunciate his words or look at me when he speaks (because he’s usually running everywhere), and who still puts toys in his mouth while he’s chatting away?

By noon on a typical day, I may have clearly understood 60 percent of his speech. And he’s not old enough to write down what he’s saying, so I’m attempting to interpret a preschooler’s gaagaa-googoo language.

So this upcoming school year, I plan to get creative. As my friend Denise Portis, who writes the wonderful blog, shared with me, moms who lip read need to think outside the box when communicating with their kiddos. Her suggestion: Play word games.

Simple enough. I’ll round up Little Guy’s Thomas the Train flashcards (the ones with pics on one side and boldly printed words on the other), and we’ll communicate via a fun game…

ME: (pointing to card with beeming Thomas on it) Who’s that?

LITTLE GUY: (trying to put card in his mouth) No more playyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Maybe I need another strategy. How about this one…

ME: (texting my working husband at 9 o’clock in the morning) Little Guy misses Daddy. When U coming home? 🙂 xoxoxoxo


3 thoughts on “How Do I Lip Read a Preschooler?

  1. lol I liked this. I don’t have kids, but I know what a time I have when trying to understand my great nieces. It’s not easy!

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