Lipreading Mom Attempts to Blog While Playing with Choo-Choo Trains

As I write this, my 3-year-old boy sits outside pushing his Thomas trains on the driveway. Thank goodness for an iPad that allows Lipreading Mom to type from the comfort of a folding outside chair while he plays.

Oops… spoke too soon. My boy now wants to go play inside.

(Short writing pause as we pick up trains, fold chair, and move everything in the house.)

(Another much longer pause as Little Boy pokes my shoulder and asks for lemonade, his train track, and for me to take him to the potty.)

Oh yes, a typical morning for Lipreading Mom.

With my 10-year-old Boy Wonder and 7-year-old Princess off to school, my youngest relishes the one-on-one time with his mommy. That’s why I choose to spend my days playing with wooden trains and wiping up potty accidents on the bathroom floor. It’s to give my kids… my ATTENTION.

(Little Boy attempts to grab my iPad. When I tell him “no,” he places his chubby hands on each of my cheeks and wails, “Mommmeee. Plaayyy…”)

Enough blogging for today. Time to get back to my boy and his insatiable curiosity for super-duper choo-choo trains.


4 thoughts on “Lipreading Mom Attempts to Blog While Playing with Choo-Choo Trains

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