Why Are Some Internet Videos Captioned and Some Aren’t?

Lipreading Mom’s Note: In further researching videos posted on The 700 Club Web site, it appears that the latest posted broadcast does include a captioned transcript. Here is my letter to a representative with The 700 Club.

Dear The 700 Club Representative,

Thank you for your prior response. In browsing your Web site further, it appears that some of your Web site videos are captioned, while others are not. Here is a link to one video from 12-27-11 that has a captioned transcript:


However, The 700 Club video broadcast on your Web site I watched earlier (re: “The Stinging Death,” regarding the Atheist who is stung by five jellyfish, meets Jesus, and survives) was not captioned.

Will all videos on your Web site include captioned transcripts? This is important to many of your followers with hearing loss, including myself.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter.

Kind Regards,
Lipreading Mom


3 thoughts on “Why Are Some Internet Videos Captioned and Some Aren’t?

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  2. Good for you doing this.
    I too am a lipreader and Bilateal CI wearer and still can’t get TV or Movies/DVDs without captions. I am so disgusted with all of these different companies and groups that leave us out.

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