Updated Info! Join Lipreading Mom’s Campaign for Internet Captions

Help Lipreading Mom spread the word about the importance of captions on the Internet for those of us with hearing loss. Currently, the U.S. government has begun to embrace regulations regarding captioning of Web site videos. Let’s work together to support this cause! Captions enable everyone to enjoy what is broadcast on the Internet.

Join the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), along with LipreadingMom.com, in promoting captions for all videos on the Internet.

Our letter-writing campaign, thus far, has included contacts with The 700 Club, Christian Broadcasting Network, ESPN.com, and ABCSports.com.

CCAC, a voluntary network of consumers, providers, and many others who support the Mission for inclusion of quality captioning universally, is a resource, among others, for technical information for this project for Internet captioning.

Lipreading Mom will share her experiences with having a hearing loss.

Letters and responses will be posted here at LipreadingMom.com. Visit the Advocacy link on this site for letters that have already been posted. Contact Lipreading Mom if you would like to become an active part of this letter-writing campaign. Spread the word to everyone you know!

For future information about government-proposed regulations regarding Internet captioning, visit:



One thought on “Updated Info! Join Lipreading Mom’s Campaign for Internet Captions

  1. I am pleased to announce that several individuals have joined this campaign and have already submitted letters. A big thanks to Bill Holman, David Pearson, Linda Allen, and, most particularly, Lauren Storck with the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC). Become a volunteer advocate for captioning by joining CCAC here: http://www.ccaccaptioning.org.

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