The Reason Why Lipreading Mom Is So Passionate About Captions

My 7-year-old daughter wanted to watch a video at It featured one of her favorite singers. I wanted to sing along with my girl, but I couldn’t. The video wasn’t captioned.

My toddler-age son was playing a game at involving a popular cartoon character. Short video clips from the cartoon were included with the game. As my son laughed while the characters spoke, I sat there mute. Reason? The video wasn’t captioned.

My 11-year-old son loves music and will watch various groups perform on YouTube. Most of the groups I know are wholesome, but there are some I have my doubts about. How can I know the difference since these videos aren’t captioned and I can’t hear the lyrics?

I want to be a mom who is proactive about the content my children experience on the Internet. While there are parental controls on computers, there aren’t captioning controls on all the sites my kids frequent.

The Lipreading Mom/CCAC Internet Captions Campaign will allow me to stay on top of the videos my children and I see and hear on the Internet. I need your support to do this. Join me in this crusade to let Websites know that their content must be captioned before it goes live. No captions, no content. Period.

Will you help me and my kids, plus the millions of people worldwide with hearing loss? Join the Lipreading Mom/CCAC Internet Captions Campaign.


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