Why Lipreading Mom Should Cancel Netflix

“If Netflix captioned all of its movie offerings, would you renew our subscription?”

This was the question I posed to my Hubby several months after we cancelled the on-demand video service.

“Uh, sure honey.” He knows better than to argue with Lipreading Mom when she’s trying to make a point.

After discovering through Philixie.com that at least 5,000 Netflix shows and movies are currently captioned for those of us with hearing loss, I was elated. So I signed up for a trial 30-day subscription.

Just when I was about to bask in the glory of captioned on-demand programming anytime on my computer, Wii, or TV, I heard from my friend Lucy. Turns out, she was able to find many of her favorite TV shows captioned on Netflix. As a person with hearing loss who leads a busy professional and volunteer life, she couldn’t always tune into these shows when they aired on the tube.

What a Godsend!

But then she fired up the Wii this week, and lo and behold…all of the captions are GONE. No explanation. Even the “CC/subtitles” button selection was gone from her Netflix menu.

Lucy writes about this frustration today on her blog Life Inside these Hearing Aids. She attempted to email Netflix’s home office, but its Website mysteriously leaves out any way of contacting the company online. The only contact is through a toll-free number.

Hello, Netflix? People who are hard of hearing may not be able to call you because it’s difficult for them to hear on the phone.

So Lucy takes her concerns to Netflix’s Facebook page. She posted her concerns three times, and each time the Netflix online powers-that-be deleted her post.

Lucy heads to Netflix’s Twitter page and politely asks repeatedly what the heck happened to all the captions.

At Lipreading Mom’s press time, no Netflix response has been forthcoming.

In the meantime, share your concerns with Netflix if you are able to contact its management via the toll-free number listed. And share your Netflix experiences with Lipreading Mom…before I cancel my 30-day trial subscription.


4 thoughts on “Why Lipreading Mom Should Cancel Netflix

  1. Lots of luck with getting any information from Netflix, I have never had any success with them.
    If you ever do get in touch with them please post for the rest of us how to get in touch.
    I am so disgusted with them.

  2. I am not so sure that the issue is Netflix removing subtitles. Subtitles still work when you watch the shows via an internet browser on a computer. However its devices like Roku, Wii and Apple TV that seem to be missing the subtitles now. Regardless I think the lack of a response from Netflix shows the contempt that they have for their customers as a whole. I keep hoping a better option comes along to feed my need for media entertainment !

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