Vote for Your Favorite Lipreading Mom Photo

Lipreading Mom wants to display a new logo photo on the blog homepage, and your feedback will help decide which one is chosen.

Review the following photos, choose which photo you like best, and post a “comment” at the end of this post with that photo’s number.

All people who vote will be entered into a drawing to receive a *free* signed copy of Lipreading Mom’s book, Lip Reader.

Voting will close at midnight (CST) on Saturday, January 28th. Happy voting!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5


35 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite Lipreading Mom Photo

  1. I like the photo idea of #5, but do not like that it cuts off your tagline under the mirror when transferred to the blog. The picture is dull looking as well. I really love the photos on #2-4, but I think it is important that the LIPS show up on each of your children’s faces… as this is why the blog/Website was named what it was. My opinion is that you need to keep working at this to get a really nice professional but “lipreading mom” (your three kids) photo. You are making a national impact now… so I think it would be worth your time to really do this up right! 🙂

  2. I like the simplicity of number 1- clean, simple, to the point. Perfect for a blog. If not though I’m with hearingelmo- I’d keep trying. I like #5 in theory but not this particular execution. 🙂

  3. I agree with hearingelmo (tweak the photo in 5 so that it doesn’t look so dull or fake…maybe it was bad quality photos? I like what you and your friend are trying to do with 5 so maybe a little more work….

  4. I like #4 personally. #1 would be a close second choice. It may also be nice to rotate them out every season to keep it fresh (and since we all know kids like weeds grow rapidly).

  5. #1 is my vote 🙂 I also like the idea that others expressed about getting some professional shots. I think #1 looks professional. Good luck 🙂

  6. I, too, like #5 the best, and it immediately speaks to me. I also have three kids whose lips I have to read all the time. 🙂 Just imagine the challenge of trying to read their lips with a rearview mirror while driving. Well, actually when I get to the red traffic light or stop sign. LOL

  7. I like the idea behind #5, it hits the mark on what message you want to convey, but the picture doesn’t seem polished enough—I am not sure how it could be tweeked, but it does need a little something something…

  8. I’ve got it-take a panoramic picture of all three of your kids in the backseat talking all at once…..most cameras nowadays have that as a feature-you take several or a few pictures side by side and the camera’s software will help you make a panoramic picture……..and then insert that into your rearview mirror….I think that would work to enhance your message and look more realistic.

  9. I like #5 and #2. I agree with many of the posts about 5. I am drawn to the mirror image idea, seems to give it a deeper meaning. Maybe you could brighten it up a little or make it sepia or b&w to clean it a bit. Either way I love the implication that they are saying I LOVE YOU!
    As for #2, lets “face” it. We all read emotions through facial expressions and that photo says you’re a great mom and your kids adore you. Good luck with this. Love you Lady!!!

  10. I’m like the others – #5 concept is great but photos and that “sliced line” in between each kid’s lips looks a bit contrived. The panorama idea that someone just mentioned earlier would be great. Also, as a lipreading mom myself (grown up from a lipreading baby back in the day), I do look at the rest of the facial expressions, not just the lips (drives me crazy when eyes aren’t visible!!).

  11. Out of the five photos displayed, I cast my vote for Number 5 which appears to be more geared to the subject of lipreading.

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