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Answer this Question: What Were You Doing Five Years Ago?

Five years ago this month, my first book debuted. A book tour followed, with stops in Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City; Oklahoma City; and the small town that inspired the book—Chickasha, Oklahoma. Lip Reader is a work of fiction, but the story has some true elements. The main character, Sapphie, is a reflection of me as … Continue reading


A Tribute to My Dad, the Police Officer

When I think of heroes, a quiet, gentle man with a police badge comes to mind. I was three months old when my dad entered law enforcement. Over the years, he served as a lake ranger, patrol officer for small towns and large cities, sheriff deputy, and chief of police. This month, my dad, who … Continue reading

Lipreading Mom’s Service Dog Finally Has a Name

After two months of living as a nameless yet lovable canine, our Service Dog finally has a name—thanks to one Lipreading Mom reader. And the winning name for our furry friend is… Congratulations to Monica Hood from Ohio for suggesting the name SERVANE which, she writes, means “service of God.” My 8-year-old daughter, who owns … Continue reading

New Book From Lipreading Mom…Coming Soon!

COMING SOON: Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom – By Shanna Groves In Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, Shanna explores the roller coaster ride of her progressive hearing loss, which was diagnosed two months after the birth of her first child. She was 27. Three healthy kids later, her hearing loss has accelerated. Sounds … Continue reading

Smile! We Have a Photo Caption Winner

My, what lovely photo caption writers you all are. Lipreading Mom received more than a dozen cutesy, thought-provoking, and entertaining captions for this photo of my little sweetheart. And the winner of the Lipreading Mom Valentine Photo Caption Contest is… …Lisa Harbour of Virginia. Her award-winning caption is posted above. She will receive an autographed … Continue reading

Can You Write an Interesting Lipreading Mom Photo Caption?

Occasionally on Fridays, I’ll post an interesting photo from my family archives. If you post here a caption for this photo—something clever, witty, inspirational, whatever—you will be entered into a drawing for an autographed copy of Lipreading Mom’s book, Lip Reader. Please: PG-rated captions only. No vulgar captions allowed. Winner will be drawn and announced … Continue reading

Vote for Your Favorite Lipreading Mom Photo

Lipreading Mom wants to display a new logo photo on the blog homepage, and your feedback will help decide which one is chosen. Review the following photos, choose which photo you like best, and post a “comment” at the end of this post with that photo’s number. All people who vote will be entered into … Continue reading