Did My Hearing Aids Really Hear a Whisper?

What a difference one day of good hearing makes! Highlights of today included listening to my oldest son’s whisper for the first time and chatting with my daughter in the car while I drove. A week ago, neither would not have been possible for me to hear. I owe these communication milestones to my new ReSound Verso hearing aids and the ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone.

Welcome to day two of my series ‘Diary of a Lipreading Mom.’

In a partnership with ReSound, manufacturer of hearing technology, and LipreadingMom.com, I received the ReSound hearing aids and wireless Mini-Mic at no charge. The Mini-Mic attaches to the collar of whoever is speaking to me, and the microphone wirelessly transmits a signal to both my hearing aids. When a person talks into the microphone, I can hear the voice through both aids. Like an FM (frequency-modulated) hearing device used commonly by those with hearing loss, the Mini-Mic helps me hear conversation in various settings. Such as in the car with my adorably loud kids, or in a noisy restaurant with a friend, or at the doctor’s office with a chatty nurse who has her back turned to me. By the way, I used my Mini-Mic in all of those settings today. And I had the most relaxing and engaging conversations in 10 years.

Before the Mini-Mic, I resorted to lipreading my kids in the rearview mirror while I drove. Scary, huh? Thank you, ReSound, for this gift of better hearing.

The ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone is no bigger than my little girl’s pointer finger.

My daughter told me about her school day from the backseat of our car while I drove. Thanks to the Mini-Mic she wore, I didn’t have to lip read her through the rearview mirror—a first!

At home, my daughter spoke to me through the Mini-Mic, and I understood her words—with my eyes closed!

This week, watch my blog for more updates on my ReSound hearing journey. Tomorrow: I will test out my new ReSound bluetooth phone microphone. I can’t wait to call my mom on the cell phone and actually understand her words!


7 thoughts on “Did My Hearing Aids Really Hear a Whisper?

  1. I am really enjoying hearing all about your wonderful new found hearing. No one else in my family is hearing impaired. I was telling my daughter about your experience I know she does not understand the joy of actually being about to follow along with a conversation while not lip reading. Wishing you all the best and enjoying your blog….

  2. Thats brilliant. I wouldn’t be surprised when you try out the mobile phone that you will be surprised to have a relaxing conversation on that too.

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