My Hearing Aids Story…In Pictures

Hearing aids are a gift. Imagine hearing birds chirping for the first time, or a baby’s laugh, or a kitten purring. By placing hearing technology in my ears, my whole world of listening goes from gray tones to a Technicolor symphony.

When I lost more hearing earlier this year, the two pairs of hearing aids I owned were no longer powerful enough to help me. I couldn’t hear my three children unless they screamed at me. I couldn’t hear the three robins munching on leaves a few feet away. I couldn’t even hear my breath.

But how could I afford a third set of hearing aids? My family had struggled to pay for the first two sets, and our insurance didn’t cover them. I didn’t want to purchase another set with a credit card.

I waited. I prayed.

ReSound representatives contacted me about wearing their brand new Verso hearing aids at no charge. At first, I thought it was a scam. What company would give hearing aids away for free? When Brent Peterson, my Hometown Hearing provider, followed up with ReSound about the offer, I learned it was legitimate. As long as I blogged about their new Verso ReSound hearing aids and a ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone, I could have these products at no charge.

My ReSound wireless remote controls my new hearing ability. It has programs for listening in quiet environments, restaurants, outdoors, and in looped (telecoil/T-coil) settings. I like the quiet setting best!

My First Week with New Hearing Aids

The first thing I noticed about the Verso aids was their fit. They didn’t tug at my ears and make them sore like my first set of hearing aids had. Today, I attended a women’s Bible study and, using the hearing aids and Mini-Microphone, could understand the teacher’s message from the stage as she prayed…with my eyes closed.

This afternoon, I could hear the sound of my cell phone vibrating downstairs while I folded clothes in my upstairs bedroom.

Yesterday, my daughter didn’t get told once by her Lipreading Mom in the car, “Wait ’til we stop, so I can lip read you.’ She wore the microphone on her shirt, and my hearing aids helped me understand her delicate voice without having to ask for a repeat or watch her moving lips.

In a crowded restaurant two days ago, I carried on a conversation with a friend without having to constantly stare at her mouth. My eyes got a much-needed lipreading break!

My Photo Diary of Hearing Aids

Here are my new ReSound Verso hearing aids with charms from Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms. They are a gift of faith for my family.

I wore ReSound Canta behind the ear hearing aids from 2003-2008. A family member recently emailed me about her deteriorating hearing and her desperate need for help. Since she didn’t have insurance coverage or the financial means to purchase them, I offered her my Canta aids at no charge. They were shipped yesterday and will be arriving at her home any day now. She will soon hear her little boy’s voice better.

I wore Starkey Destiny open fit hearing aids from 2008-2012. Here they are decorated with charms from Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms.

Brent Peterson with Hometown Hearing helped find a new home for my Starkey hearing aids. They were donated to a semi-retired church pastor who had lost an identical pair while serving on an overseas mission trip. Because the pastor is on a limited income and couldn’t afford to purchase new aids, he received this set at no charge.

Hearing Aids Are a Gift

I hope my story and photos give you some idea about the importance of good hearing…and paying a blessing forward. Thank you, ReSound, for allowing me to hear my kids.

What ideas do you have on ways to provide hearing aids to people who can’t pay for them?


20 thoughts on “My Hearing Aids Story…In Pictures

  1. It really is amazing all the things you can now hear with your new hearing aids. People that have normal hearing have no idea of all the little things that hearing impaired folks must live with daily. Everything you describe would be a joy for me. I am going to look into ReSound aids here in Canada. Thanks so much for sharing your experience….

    • I am so excited I will be getting my new Gn Resound Verso in a few days. I have been wearing aids since 1996 although I did not know how hard of hearing I was. As a child mother always said lower your voice. Teacher said do i always have to repeat. Then I was a singer, but i must tell you I am tiny person. So I was told I was a little girl with big voice. I truly could project quite far. Never needed a mic.
      Now I have gone thru a mini canal mic, a Phonak BTE ( not digital) Resound Canta, Resound Air. Then my left ear could no longer hear with the Air. So I got one aid Resound Live 9. It’s okay , but now again I can only hear people if they are near me & I have TV ears. I am now going to try the Verso with open fit, but not sure my left ear will be okay. I may have to get the receiver in the left ear. Thanks for listening. I am sooooo excited about get the Verso. I am a dance instructor & singer so I am not the easiest to fit. Let me hear from some of you. I have felt so alone.

  2. what is your loss levels? I’m amazed that you can get away with open fit. So happy for you and the gift that not only have you gotten, but given. For people who use to have normal hearing, when they loose their hearing life becomes scary and they become isolated.

  3. i too have bilateral mild hearing loss n using starkey s series cic hear aid in my left ear….it has helped me a lot but while talking on cellphone i cant understand d speech…i can understand short sentence but not long one…please advice me n share how u people talk on cellphone

    • Shubhi – You might look into getting a Bluetooth device that connects your cell phone to your hearing aids. You would hear phone conversations directly in your hearing aids and wouldn’t have to place the phone next to your ear. Contact your cell phone service provider for hearing aid-compatible Bluetooth options.

    • I use a Jawbone Blue tooth. My cell phone volume is on high & I elevate my Jaw Bone volume to were I need it. It has been the best. Hope this helps.

  4. The generosity of people and God are so amazing. I’m so glad you were able to help others. I had no idea insurance didn’t cover hearing aids! I hope that is changed soon. I remember when I was first prescribed expensive hormone medication. There were so many times that I just couldn’t afford it – and the generosity of my parents and a couple of times, my own doctor, were the only reason I was able to keep taking it. I hope I find a way to pay it forward soon. As of now, an off brand has finally come out, and my bill went from $600 to $40. WOW. 🙂 I hope things get better in the hearing aid department as well.

  5. Those sound amazing I am blown away by how different hearing aids are now than when I wore them, and that was only 8 years ago! I am trying to find a place, maybe like Lions Club who can help my sister get a hearing aid. Not an easy task!

    • Kathy – You might also contact these organizations: Sertoma International, Starkey Hearing Foundation, and Rotary Club International. Please keep us posted on your sister’s hearing aid journey. Thank you for being such an advocate for her.

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