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Answer this Question: What Were You Doing Five Years Ago?

Five years ago this month, my first book debuted. A book tour followed, with stops in Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City; Oklahoma City; and the small town that inspired the book—Chickasha, Oklahoma. Lip Reader is a work of fiction, but the story has some true elements. The main character, Sapphie, is a reflection of me as … Continue reading


New Book Giveaway: Forever Friends

Allison Schley,MEd, is the author of Forever Friends, a book about a young boy, his dog, and their friend Megan. The interesting part of Allison’s story is that both the boy, Matt, and his pet friend, Dexter are deaf. I asked Allison to explain the backstory behind Forever Friends. What inspired you to write this … Continue reading

Win a Free Book: Turn a Deaf Ear

What happens when a woman falls in love with a man who is deaf? They find a way to communicate… through sign language. In Janet Fiore Horger and Linda Fiore Sanders’ novel, Turn a Deaf Ear, a hearing woman and a deaf man capture each other’s love and language. Inspired by a true story, the … Continue reading