This Adorable Toddler Models His Cochlear Implant for Show Me Your Ears

Young Jaxson with his cochlear implant

Young Jaxson with his cochlear implant

Jaxson’s mom, Summer, blogs about her son’s journey through premature delivery and profound hearing loss. This is one of her posts, titled “You Are Perfect.”

You Are Perfect – By Jaxson’s Mom

You are a miracle, perfect in every way and stronger than any of us expected you to be under the circumstances. You have been through more in your first few months of life than most will ever go through. Your story continues; we now know that you are also deaf. I say the word also on purpose because being deaf does not define you completely, as you are many things. Embrace being deaf, be proud of who you are. You will have challenges that others around you may not have, use it to drive you. Sometimes it will make you mad, sad, frustrated – that is ok, feel all those things, deal with those emotions as you need to. You are perfect just as you are and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. It all may seem unfair, and you’re right; none of what you have had to go through is fair. Allow yourself to feel all that you feel…then pick yourself up, put yourself back together and look at the things you have that many others don’t. Be grateful for what you have and do your best to limit the time you spend mourning the things you don’t. I love you and will always be here for you, and no one will ever tell you “you can’t” on my watch. You can do anything you want in this life and you will – any doubters along the way will simply be silenced as they watch.

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