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“But You Speak So Well”, and Other Comments (And Squeals) Overheard by Lipreading Mom

“But You Speak So Well”, and Other Comments (And Squeals) Overheard by Lipreading Mom

One of the most challenging aspects of my teaching job is lip-reading multiple speakers’ voices during group meetings. When hands go up for Q & A at the end of staff meetings, I try hard to decipher what is being spoken from multiple mouths scattered across the room. Of course, it helps when the meeting … Continue reading


One Thing I Would Have Changed About School

Even though my hearing loss wasn’t diagnosed until I was 27, I remember having difficulty hearing as a child. In grade school, I struggled to hear lessons via headphones. When an audiologist tested my hearing, he told my parents I had normal hearing but had trouble paying attention. A second opinion was not sought. I … Continue reading

Helpers with Paws: A Closer Look at Dogs for the Deaf

As an adult, all of my pets have been rescue dogs. They included long-haired chihuahua ‘Shorty’ (1996-2000), Japanese Chin ‘Sammy’ (1998-2008), and cocker spaniel ‘Jake’ (2005-and still going strong). Although not specially trained, they have helped alert me to these noises around my house that I couldn’t hear because of my progressive hearing loss: knocking … Continue reading

Are You Bullied Because of Your Hearing Loss?

In my soon-to-be-published memoir, Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom, I encountered someone who wasn’t too kind about my hearing loss… As we drove away from the church, I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds. With the window cracked, I heard moving cars coming from the nearby highway. That sound had been deaf … Continue reading