GATS! How On Earth Do You Lip Read Children?

Can you lip read us?

Can you lip read us?

Your home (or car) is filled with lots of kids. Do you…
A) Attempt to lip read them all no matter what?
B) Try to lip read them all, then take a long break?
C) Make them sign to you?
D) Run and hide?

That is the silly question I posted today on my Facebook page. Follow the discussion (and add your thoughts) here.

If you are deaf or have hearing loss, what is your preferred means of communication with children? I created this acronym to remind my three children of what I need.

The GATS! Reminder

G – Gently get my attention before you begin talking!
A – Always face me while you speak so I can read your lips!
T – Talk to me in a quiet room where it is easier for me to hear!
S – Speak slowly and clearly!

Lipreading Mom knows that kids aren’t born with the ability to communicate in a way that I always understand. That’s why a good reminder is due for every little one who attempts to chat with me. And thank goodness for this reminder because I plan to have a houseful of kids coming for playdates this weekend. Can you say GATS!?!

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