A Sneak Peek into Lipreading Mom’s Real Life Show

Lipreading Mom with makeup on

Lipreading Mom with makeup on

Welcome to this week’s episode of Lipreading Mom’s Real Life. Today, our guests include: a slightly frazzled mom of three… her adorable daughter who is home sick with a fever… her oldest son who is off to school… and her charming five-year-old boy as he waits for the kindergarten bus to arrive. (Hubby is off to work.) And don’t forget the family cocker spaniel who frolics amongst fallen leaves in the backyard.

All of our lives could play as a reality show. There are moments of intense drama, like receiving a strange medical diagnosis or experiencing a near crash in the mini-van during rush-hour traffic. Throw in a few splashes of humor, courtesy of sugar-happy kids or the messy family pet. That’s the entertaining part.

But what about the scenes left unfilmed, when nothing really happens: sorting white socks in the laundry or wiping down a toilet seat. Real life, you know what I mean?

So, to give you a sneak peek into what really happens behind the scenes, I present this list.

1) I am lost without my family around me. Literally. Family keeps me going, so I prefer not being alone.

2) Since childhood, I have loved Jesus. Praying to him keeps me focused.

3) Candy has to be hidden in our house or I will eat it. Sweets keep me hyper and happy. Then I crash.

4) I have trouble waking up most mornings (the residual effect of that sugar crash.) Coffee keeps me awake and alert to lip read kids.

5) Some days, I’m just plain tired. Sunday afternoon naps keep me sane. Hearing aids come out then.

6) I love to read what people comment on the Lipreading Mom blog. Friends like you keep me smiling.

So…that’s the real and not quite filmable part of Lipreading Mom’s Real Life.

Can you relate? Drop me a line because, as mentioned before, I love reading your comments. Honest.


10 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek into Lipreading Mom’s Real Life Show

  1. I’m sure it takes an enormous amount of energy to lip read and stay on top of conversations all the time. I respect and admire you, Shanna, for your perseverance and your faith.

  2. I love reading your blog–I tried to send you an email but it wouldn’t go through–I have a blog about audiology and would love for you to be a guest blogger!! Any chance you can contact me about us two doing something together??

  3. I love reading your blog also. You’re giving a voice to the unsaid things that many of us have. Most of the great parts of life are not necessarily something you can put on film. Sometime, the amazing moments never really can even be expressed in a blog, or a film.

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