I Just Want to be a Wife and Mom


The words flew out of my mouth in between pneumonia-induced coughs. “I’m tired of trying to do everything perfectly. Writing. Speaking. Volunteering. I just want to be a wife and mom.”

Wait, did I really commit myself to something here, something purely domestic and…simple?

From childhood, I wanted to be lots of things. Writer. Actress. TV news personality. Cartoonist. Wife and Mother were on the list, but I knew I wanted more: Freedom to author bestselling books, launch a talk show, perform one-woman monologues in New York, and create a cartoon strip based on my adventures as a flying superhero.

In the two months since I coughed up half my guts and survived pneumonia, I’ve come to a realization.
Being a writer-speaker-wife-mommy-superhero at the same time isn’t what I want. At least, not right now.

My wish for 2014: to snuggle more with my kids, watch more corny movies with my hubby, eat more cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings with the family all dressed up in our PJs and stinky hair. Say ‘yes’ to my family more and ‘not right now’ to everything else.

Readers—What is your wish for the year?


8 thoughts on “I Just Want to be a Wife and Mom

  1. I am the same way. I want more time with my son Jacob. I want to travel with my family and see things. We were able to go on a cruise during Christmas. I agree with you. I think being a career woman is overrated. I want more time to snuggle with my son and husband. I want to make homemade meals and have conversations with my family.

  2. I’m sure that was surprising to have those words come out of your mouth but sometimes you’ve just had enough. Someone had pushed a button a bit too long and you decide to back off. But you’ll be back when the kids aren’t quite so needy and your health is back up to par. In the meantime enjoy the break!

  3. I was wondering what happened to you after not hearing from you for a while. I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve missed your blogs and wisdom.

  4. Where do I begin?? These decisions are workable…know this is a strong beginning to family life. Wanting more time shared with children & spouse is very normal! You have made decisions before; now, it is time to pull family closer and love every moment!!
    As they move forward in school, you will want to be there to share every new adventure they move through for many years!!
    You are looking at joy beyond belief as you watch your family make many wonderful memories!
    Love & hugs through these times!!
    Your friend,
    Wilma Ortega

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