What I Learned on My 40th Birthday

imageHappy New Year, friends! The holidays brought lots of celebrating in the Lipreading Mom house, including three birthday parties. One of those parties was mine. Now that I am a young 40 years old, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life (and what I don’t). Can you relate to anything on my list?

I want to take a break from novel writing.
Yep, I finally realized that my Lipreading Mom brain needs to take a sabbatical from writing the Next Great Novel. The story just isn’t moving forward, so I’m tying it up with a pretty bow and letting it sit. Unfinished.

I want to sew more. And learn to play piano.
Who cares if I get bloody fingers from sewing needles or can’t hear a tenth of the keys pecked on piano. I WANT TO PLAY (Insert pleading tone of voice and stomping foot.) Any sewing or piano aficionados out there? Contact me.

I want to stay home more and be a better wife and mom.
Sounds general, but it’s where my heart is. The writing, speaking, and volunteering will be there tomorrow, right?

What have you learned from turning a certain age? Share your wisdom with me by commenting below. I love reading your notes.


19 thoughts on “What I Learned on My 40th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Shanna!

    Wisdom of the ages……
    1) Praise more and criticize less
    2) Reach out randomly to someone with whom you’ve not spoken in a while
    3) Bury grudges
    4) Be joyous in what you have
    5) Work where you can
    6) Be kind and patient with yourself
    7) Always remember one person can make all the difference…… exactly what you’ve done for those of us who don’t hear so well!

  2. Shanna,
    Nice thoughts regarding the soul searching of your 40th birthday. I’m a bit further along in birthdays…:). I agree with you that a retake or rethinking of things that are important to you is what’s most important to place as a priority. Life is too short…
    I have to add taking quality time and genuine interest in others as well as flyfishing and water color painting would be of interest on my list.
    Have a great day.

  3. from another lip reading mom, I think it is GREAT that you want to play the piano – that’s on my list too! Since I had a second batch of kids on the later side, I will have to wait while my teenager gets her lessons first – she’s starting next week!! Happy Birthday!

  4. Will you at least still do Show Me Your Ears Friday? I miss that. And I’ve almost worked up the nerve to send in my photo.

  5. I don’t believe that you will regret one single minute that you enjoyed at home with your family. My boys are 26,23 and 16. I’m already mourning when my youngest leaves for college in a year and 1/2. You will have the rest of your life to enjoy your work….enjoy your family while they are here.

  6. What I learned was not from turning any certain age, but rather from circumstances. When Fibromyalgia took over and I was no longer able to work, but didn’t want to sit in the house hurting day in and day out, or just doing errands, or whatever, on days I could handle it, I started with more volunteer work, both with hearing loss (HLAA St. Louis Chapter) and with dogs. I like to be involved with transporting dogs to safey and out of puppy mills and high kill shelters. I found the more I do, the more I love volunteering, and I do believe this is why my life has gone in this direction, because my “calling” is volunteer work.

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