We Can’t Know What it Means

Friends – Will you please take a moment to help out Cara? She has mobility issues and is in a contest to receive an accessible van. Here is Cara’s story, shared with the permission of Hearing Elmo’s Denise Portis.

Hearing Elmo

Entry Photo for Cara Gregg - Columbia, MD

When I want to go to the store, I load up my service dog and away I go. When I go to church, I just walk out the door to my townhome’s parking place and get in my old car and drive safely to the place I call my church home. Whenever I need to go somewhere, I have a reliable way to get there. My orange, small Caliber is old with lots of miles on it, but it runs and it is reliable. I am grateful for that.

A good friend of mine, Cara, does not have reliable transportation. She cannot get in my Caliber. You see Cara not only has a service dog, (and Tank is a handsome, helpful boy), she is also in a scooter. She has an old accessible van with over 150,000 miles on it but the lift no longer works on it. She is…

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